There’s a great new study of interest released today from the Pew Internet and American Life Project revealing growth in Internet use by older adults.  A survey conducted for the survey found that as of April, 2012, 53% of adults65 and older now use the Internet. “though these adults are still less likely than all other age groups to use the internet, the latest data represent the first time that half of seniors are going online. After several years of very little growth among this group, these gains are significant.”

The survey found that email is the most popular use of the Internet for older adults, with 86% of Internet users engaging in email, and 48% doing so on a daily basis.  Another interesting finding  of the survey is that a growing number of older adults are mobile phone owners: now 69%!

While this study has found that Internet use has increased for older adults, home broadband adoption growth still has a long way to go:  the latest statistic in the study reveals that 39% of 65 and older adults subscribe to broadband– a very modest increase over the past several years.  With so many great benefits, an increase in broadband adoption will help get more older adults online.


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