The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)is a showcase of every imaginable technology device and service for consumers.  I attended the show this year, and once again found so many fascinating ways that technology is enhancing the lives of older adults.

While there are some products that are specifically gear toward older individuals, what I find more interesting are the services and devices that everyone can use that can offer a special application for seniors.  This year at CES, the tablet was a huge product.  The tablet is a device developed for the general consumer, but older adults have found it to be a great mobile broadband device.  The device does not require significant technology training, and it enables individuals to easily check e-mail, video chat with loved ones, surf the Internet for information, exchange photos, explore entertainment options, participate in social networking, etc.  These are some of the more popular online activities for older individuals.

I’ve seen new and improved devices for smart homes, smart cars, and smart phones.   Many of these devices are now integrated, allowing the power of each device to build on the next.  The “smart” technologies, with ongoing updating, are allowing us to age in place, to stay healthy, keep connected to our communities and loved ones, and get connected to our health providers.  There are amazing new — and existing — technologies that can empower the older community and the broadband connection is making much of this a reality for our devices at home and for our mobile devices and services.


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