For the past few years, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has hosted a series of special programs to highlight the consumer markets for specific demographic groups.  This year at CES, I attended the Silver Summit, a day-long series of panels discussing the boomer and senior community and how they fare as a market for technology products and services.

A major point from the day of panels is that the boomer and older adult community is a great market for technology.  I was surprised to learn that only 34% of boomers own smartphones — but I expect this number to increase dramatically in short order.  Seniors will also start to adopt more mobile broadband devices, particularly the tablets.

A highlight of the Summit was a conversation with Martin Cooper, inventor/developer of the first cellular telephone.  He brought one of those first phones (from the 1970‘s)with him — a rather large brick-shaped phone.  It’s just remarkable to consider how far the technology has come since those early days.

There are tech products specifically developed for older adults on the market that can: 1) help simplify going online and surfing the net, 2) connect individuals with health services and providers, 3) offer home safety and monitoring, 4) help keep the body and mind engaged and strong, and other services.  The tech market also offers products and services for the general consumer community that have great applications for older adults as well.

The Silver Summit at CES has once again demonstrated that the 50 plus and 65 plus community is a vibrant part of the tech market — and that there are products and services that can enhance and improve their lives today — and tomorrow.


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