A “robust and vital” digital infrastructure in the 21st century has been announced by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and continues to be a topic of interest for older adults. This is why the FCC must ensure that the National Broadband Plan is a “top priority,” as innovation and job growth remain key issues in years to come.

Broadband, or the hard-wired high speed systems that bring us use of the Internet, will have the capacity to connect millions of older users who see the value that widespread infrastructure brings to their lives. The National Broadband Plan is a blueprint to ensure every American has access to a high-speed Internet connection. For older users – this is an imperative. Social connections, information on health and wellness, and entertainment will be brought to both rural and inner-city homes with lightning speed if these systems are in place.

Getting there is half of the battle. We must continue to encourage Chairman Genachowski that Broadband growth for older users is a necessity and should continue to be a top priority.


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